Wednesday, December 26


Dave pooped himself today. Not a good day.

Monday, August 7

The tipping point is a sociological term that refers to the moment when something unique becomes common.

Wednesday, August 2

today i 


Thursday, July 27

Sunday, May 21


I saw this today on teh freeway, sorry.
trucksome threewheelers

narcissistic title

nifty's gay.

i'm going to texas after summer's over will i dream of spring to visit i'm excited.

Saturday, May 20


morepillow & are at peace now

i'm still really emo and gay because artin got me sick

i hope i'm being myself and narcissistic enough.

i saw less web two point oh today, it was cool
hopefully they don't steal our chickens.
or eggs.
or slogan...

oh oh exit

Wednesday, May 17

green shoes

people are so beautiful. valentine is stoned and would go see fabine if i gave her my car. kenny nods and agrees. they are both crazy. mary is here. i can't tell if i am sober or not. valentine and mary are talking. on the fourth bowl. jamiroquai is saradaing us. angelo and albert are here.

Tuesday, May 16


It's funny when David gets so high he starts freaking out and then has to go to sleep.

Saturday, May 13

Listening to Brand New.

Tonight was really awesome.

Tall girl dancing.
This is my life, and I don't care if you think because when you think your arm pits stink.
I'd like to see you sometime soon, look you right in the eyes, seem kind of shy and pathetic and then tell you, "Wow. That's fantastic." You'd know exactly where I was coming from because this is the shark attack, this is the Hollywood FWY, this is your most used muscle, but this is definitely not the reason we even tried in the first place.

No way, is this that pack of gum you bought at the gas station. And I got my taste, I got my antics, and I got my sober straight face. If I was telling the truth, I'd be able to bend you like a puzzle piece and finally complete the big picture.