Saturday, December 24

Parties Are Fun!

To learn how you can record videos with your wireless phone visit

Another disaster waiting to happen

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas . . .

News outlets report that ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown is starting a disaster-preparedness firm. One supposes his first bit of advice might be something like: don't hire an incompetent asshole with no relevant experience in disaster-preparedness. In other news, convicted pedophile priest Paul Shanley is opening a day care center. (ba-dum-bump)...

Thursday, December 22

Dave &Angelo are getting drunk,

And I'm at home blogging like the dweebs THEY are. So after they dweeb'd up the blog with lots of words, I now have to "chime" it up by posting photographs, and just to be extra extra extra "chimey" I'm going to post pictures of Angelo looking dweebing 'cause he loves it and I love Angelo 'cause he's dweeby and posts long entries about the nightmares he has about Google.

My mom doesn't believe this Tommy's actually exists. I love her.


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Cheney's iPod: first in line of succession for power outlets.

Cheney's iPod: first in line of succession for power outlets.:

Xeni Jardin:

Snip from an Associated Press item about travels aboard Air Force Two:

[Cheney] is an iPod fan, and keeping it charged is a priority for his staff. Normally that isn't an issue, even when he's flying around the world. Air Force II is equipped with outlets in each row of seats. But when Dick Cheney was traveling home overnight Wednesday from his diplomatic mission, most of the outlets went on the fritz.

Working passengers began lining up their laptops to share the power from a couple of working outlets — particularly the reporters who urgently needed to prepare their articles to transmit during a quick refueling stop in England.

But when Cheney said his iPod needed to be recharged, it took precedent above all else and dominated one precious outlet for several hours. The vice president's press staff intervened so a reporter could use the outlet for 15 minutes to charge a dead laptop, but then the digital music device was plugged back in.

That way, Cheney got his press coverage and his music, too.
Link (Thanks, Paul Boutin!)

God I'm so glad that hes our Vice President

Guido Goes Google

Guido Goes Google:

revividus writes "It seems that Python creator Guido van Rossum has received an offer from Google, and accepted it. Here is also some confirmation."

whats Google planning?

MySQL Beats Commercial Databases in Labs Test

MySQL Beats Commercial Databases in Labs Test:

An anonymous reader writes "Many of the big players now offer free or 'light' versions of their databases, some would call them crippleware. Builder AU compared databases from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and MySQL, and the open source offering came out on top."

open source wins again

Flavorpill's F-List

Flavorpill's F-List:

Flavorpill’s emailer regularly spotlights cool and interesting cultural happenings that don’t get attention elsewhere. Now the publisher is expanding its web presence and attempting to make “the place to manage your cultural life.”

The movement starts with The F-List, a best-of guide to artists, trends, and technologies. The online recommendations include sections on blogs, design, and tools (including a shoutout to Backpack).

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The Long-Term Effects of Google Use

Google has been focusing an endless amount of focus on expanding it's depth of search. This should come as no surprise to anyone. It started as a web crawler. Now it indexes the world's images, word documents, excel documents, pdf documents, video, news, e-commerce (including eBay, Amazon, and every other mom & pop e-biz worth a damn on the internet), business locations, business numbers, residential numbers, map data, public transportation, more public transportation, e-mail, cell phones, desktops, and the list goes on. They provide the means for communication via e-mail, blogging, text messaging, and voice messaging. Soon, with the recent acquisition of one of Gaim's lead developers, interoperability with Gaim and expansion to video chatting will launch Gtalk into a league of it's own in digital communication. What else could we expect from a company with billions to shred.

Check out Google Calendar. Wait, they temporarily took it down. This just means that it wasn't quite perfect yet. Once it's released, who's to say they won't know the world's events (remember they already know mainstream events a la Google News) Google might contain, in it's index, the fact that I am going to the dentist on some idle Tuesday. They will know this because I will inevitably have to sign my life to them, literally, by accepting their ever so nonchalant terms of usage. Terms which will undoubtedly contain the rights to search all user data to provide cutesy "Google Ads" on the right hand side of each and every calendar.

Ever toy with Google Web Accelerator? You know those Google cached results that come in clutch when you're in a rush and realize your target site's server is "temporarily down for upgrade". Google is speeding up our internet surfing, with the use of their Firefox extension, by offering the target site's website straight from Google's blazing fast servers. So now Google has it's own version of the Internet. It's just as fresh as the content of the actual internet, yet it's served solely from top notch server nodes strategically placed globally and interlinked with fiber lines that they have been gobbling up with their ridiculous amount of capital. Om Malik recently wrote similarly on GoogleNet and Google's nationwide Wi-Fi efforts. I see GoogleNet becoming far more than a nationwide ISP that can target it's audience. I see their proprietary network consuming the Internet as we know it, restructuring the information in a highly closed, yet efficient fashion (as it's already doing), and serving it up packaged nice and pretty just as Google always does. Sure, the Internet will still exist. However, what motivation will generic MySpace User XYZ have to break out of Google when in search of movie times, music lyrics, Brad Pitt pictures, blogging, sex tips, or gay rights movement information.

To further portray the strength of Google's restructuring of information check out Wahib's Middle East Restaurant presence on Google Local. The entire page is apparently machine generated using Google's fabulous information extraction algorithms from the pages it has crawled, cached, dismantled, databased, and analyzed.

If the Internet is defined as an interconnected network of computers with the sole purpose of information distribution, then Google not only owns the Internet but has silently created their own.

GoogleNet = Internet 2.0 Beta (since we all know Google strictly adheres to the perpetual beta model)

So I ask, what will the long-term effects of continued Google use be? I'm not quite sure I want to know.

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Dances fantastic

I gave Angelo &Dave their christmas presents today, it was so exciting!



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Wednesday, December 21

Text message,

Okay so my mom just sent me a text message that said,

"Wanda sykes is snoop dogg in drag"
I don't get it though, but still think it's rad as fuck.

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treo love

Tuesday, December 20

Team Zissou 4 Lyf

if i was a 16 year old girl

. . . i would look like this:

Last one for tonight,

I made this video for Voxtrot with love. And they loved! it. March.
Basically I was sitting in front of my iMac and staring at the little integrated iSight thing and put it to the challenge by making an iMovie. It's pretty gay, but that's the point. I also used iPhoto. And the fish that are in this are dead now, I really miss them, especially Clorox (the white one) but the fucking shrimp killed them, so now fuck shrimp eat Ramen. I really hate those shrimp.
Um, and no I am not (and never was) a girl scout. I just really like the logo design, because I'm a graphics fag.

Do the interns get glocks?

It's official, fuck yea.

Monday, December 19

In the beginning there was semen,


It's me! Jamie! Stewart

I saw Xiu Xiu this weekend. I blacked out three times, swam on the dancefloor &won a cymbal.
ps. I'm very very sorry Caralee.