Wednesday, December 28

I'm looking at gay man porn and (...)

and listening to the decemberists and thinking, for new years I'd really like to get high and listen to all the decemberists albums and then eat at a buffet.

Tuesday, December 27

I found Willy Mason's Flickr!

Monday, December 26

Scoot Scooter

I got a puppy for christmas.
We stay up all night watching Adult Swim. Then we wake up late and play Animal Crossing 'till late in the afternoon.
Everyone, meet Scooter.

Sunday, December 25

Christmas isn't safe for animals,

Merry (fucking) Christmas too everyone!
I'm going to post all the photos from this amazingly fantastic weekend tomorrow, because right now... I've got some Animal Crossing to play over wi-fi.

Peace. Love. I'm a dweeb, but I promise not to dance you down.