Monday, January 2

someone i want to party with

so while reading my daily blogs i stumble upon this little treasure:

i couldn't believe that it happened today.
get up this morning to drive my buddy hugh home at 8 am after he crashed on my couch. i walk downstairs, 2 minutes after i woke up. living room is pitch dark.

me: 'hey dude, what's goin' on.'
hugh: 'mfgajffff'
me: 'it's time dude.... time for all the ladies to get down with benny c.'
hugh: 'wha...? dude, what are you doing up?'
me: 'uh, it's 8 am, it's time to take you home.'

it is at this precise moment when i realize that hugh is not on my couch. it is greg, a bartender from tavern in the square who had been locked out of his place.

me: 'oh... oh shit man... i'm sorry. i thought you were hugh.'
greg: 'hugh left at like, 3 am last night in a cab.'
me: 'wow... sorry man.... whoa... didn't mean to wake you up.'

i should also mention that hugh is a 6'2", 220 pound white irish guy. greg is a 5'11", 220 pound black guy. what an awkward and disorienting moment THAT was at 8 am on a saturday morning.


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