Thursday, January 5

The Tallest Man

My New Years Resolution, I want to be more open with my feelings when I try to write. This includes blog posts. When I talk in person and online to people my words flow freely and it isn't a problem for me to talk about anything going on in my life. But, as soon as I open ecto to post a blog I have nothing to say and all i can do is regurgitate information that I read in other blogs. I should be able to do this. I've never been able to keep a journal for more then a week. I need to do laundry. My clothes are a mess. Matt text messaged me today. He wants to come by and hang out, check out the house. He'll be back at PCC next semester. Its going to be very interesting if he starts hanging around again. I have so many memories of Angelos house with Matt and Alex. . . . (next day) wow ok so i fell asleep while i was typing last night. Angelo threw a party tonight to celebrate everyone going back to college. Ronald and his cousin Josh showed up first. Then Jos and Nick. Rob came back. Then they all left and it was me, rob, angelo and, nat. we played two rounds of beer pong. thats pretty much it. angelo and i have to pick up scott tomorrow at 11am at LAX. . . .

. . . p e r s o n a l f e e l i n g s . . . . hard to describe. . . i believe i'm doing better then yesterday. . . my eyes want to close. . . i should probably sleep. . . i know i'm going to need it if i need to wake up @ 10 tomorrow . . . right now its 3:30 am . . . . good night everyone . . i will continue to work on my posts and as time goes on they will become more personal and you will have a deeper insight into my life.


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